Sound-Proof your Bronx Apartment – The Affordable and Easy Way!

Renting an apartment in New York City is a dream come true for many locals who have found their homes in neighborhoods they love. Having a space of their own, where they can relax or host family and friends, whenever they’d like, is a big plus.

To keep a peaceful environment and continue the fun, renters can take steps to soundproof their apartments without having to carry out extensive renovations.

The experts at Nelson Management Group, a full-service Real Estate Management firm, have been managing hundreds of rental apartments in Riverdale, Pelham Bay and other Bronx neighborhoods. They recommend the following methods of soundproofing your rental, the easy way:

  • Find the Cracks, and Seal Them

Use a Green Glue sealant to plug up any visible cracks or gaps around the doors and windows. However, do check with your landlord before using sealants to make sure they are allowed.

You can also invest in a ‘draft blocker’—an insulation device placed at the bottom of your doors.

  • Add Extra Texture to Your Apartment

Heavy curtains, fabric wall-hangings, soft rugs, etc., can help diffuse any incoming sound from your neighbors or the outdoors.

Using rugs as tapestries or hanging wall art is another way to add a layer of insulation to the walls. The décor looks good and the material absorbs sounds coming from the other side.

  • Use Furniture Placement to Block the Noise

Placing a bookshelf against the wall next to your neighbor’s place can help block any incoming noise from their apartment. Moving your bed into the quieter corner of the room will also help you sleep in peace. Hanging a rug or heavy carpet as a headboard can help keep the room quiet.

  • Get a White Noise Machine

While you may not be able to control what’s going on outside your rental apartment, you can add an inexpensive white noise machine to enhance the ambience inside.  These can be purchased at your local home and bath store or on

Nelson Management Group also recommends speaking with your landlord to discuss your issues before taking any steps that might permanently change your rental.

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