Should You Live With A Roommate Or Go Solo?

Before you start your search for your ideal New York City apartment, there are a few things you should think about as they may influence your lifestyle in the city. For example, what is your budget? Do you prefer living in Manhattan, Brooklyn or the Bronx? Do you need amenities like laundry within the building? And more importantly, are you planning to live with a roommate?

To help decide, here are a few points to consider when living with a roommate:

  • Cheaper RentA photo of a woman on her couch in her apartment

Here is a little secret: Usually, the more rooms an apartment has, the cheaper it gets when splitting the rent. For example, three people in a three-bed apartment would pay less than one person in a one bed apartment. Also, you can save more by splitting the costs of Wi-Fi, electricity and groceries with your roommates.

Maybe that dream Manhattan apartment isn’t as out of reach if you have a roommate or two.

  • Reduced Privacy & Authority

If you have always loved having your own space, the transition to living with someone else may not be as easy as you might expect it to be, especially when it comes to privacy. It’s a lot easier to do what you want, when and where you want, if you live alone. Respecting each other’s privacy is one of the most important aspects of living with a roommate – remember it’s as much their apartment, as it is yours.

Additionally, living with a roommate calls for more flexibility when it comes to things like decorating and entertaining guests. There will need to be compromises between you and your roommate and an understanding of each other’s schedules.

  • Constant CompanyA stock image of people in their apartment living a happy lifestyle

Living with a roommate usually means having someone to keep you company when you need it.

And when you are living with an old friend or someone who eventually becomes a friend, sharing a home can actually be more fun than living solo.

However, it all comes down to your own preferences and of course, the compromises your roommate is also willing to make.

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