Critical Assessment

CAP your Building’s Expenses with the Nelson Management Difference

At Nelson Management we believe there are two ways to manage a property:

You can react to building crises
You can practice proactive building management

We are proud to say that the proactive approach pays important dividends. In fact, every one of our new management assignments is immediately subject to our CRITICAL ASSESSMENT PERIOD, or CAP. The CAP usually lasts about three months. During this period we actively seek out problems by examining every system, every employee’s work ethic, every purchase order, every invoice from suppliers, every receivable, every square inch of the roof and basement.

The reason for this scrutiny is really quite simple – it establishes a basic framework for dealing with building employees, suppliers, contractors and tenant/shareholders.

Everyone is thus put on notice that this is how the property will be run in the future.

During the CAP we set up an office in every building which helps us to get to know the residents and see how the staff operates. Knowing the residents and their needs are key in order to provide the highest level of service. We observe the superintendent and his staff; see how and when they work, and catalog what supplies are delivered and are actually inventoried at the property. We question everything.

By the time the CAP is over, we know everything there is to know about the residents, the employees, the contractors, and the daily operation of the property’s equipment. This enables us to set up a customized “standard operating procedure” for the running of each building, maximizing our ability to manage the property.

The Result…